The Just Audrey label are available to women's fashion retailers.

If you are looking for stylish, comfortable, classy, tasteful and versatile  for your boutique or your online store then we can help you.

We select retailers committed to bringing fashion to women that want to feel and look beautiful.

If your clientele are looking for a fashion statement that reflects a women's maturity, wisdom and their power to be all they are and are meant to be then we have the designs and garments for you.

Just Audrey and True Reflections are designed by an Australian designer Audrey Attridge. All manufacturing is Australia-based.

 If you'd like to partner with Just Audrey please email us on:


With your business name, contact name, contact details and ABN.

To begin your retailing journey 

To the attention of our wholesaling manager Joanne Cugnet.

Looking forward to hearing from you.