Universal Colours

Universal Colours


Universal Colours -
how to find your new favourite colour!
Hi there lovely ladies!
 Welcome to my blog post about universal colours.
I'm excited to share my thoughts and observations about different colours and how they can complement different complexions, eye colour and personalities. Over the years I’ve found that there are a few colours that are universe colours. Meaning they suit many the vast majority of complexions, eye colour and individuality. 
 Having said that, I encourage you to trust your instincts and avoid colours that don't make you feel comfortable.
For instance, I avoided the colour blue for a while because I was surrounded by it with my sons. Even the thought of blue made my skin crawl! Now that they are older, 14 is the youngest and 21 the eldest, I have since welcomed blue back into my wardrobe and we are now fast and true friends😊. Which is positive for so many universal colours come from the blue palette.
Let's dive into some of those universal colours and their appeal. 
 Winter White: Winter white is not a bright white. But not cream. It has taken the starkness out of white-white to be softer though still being clear and crisp, and lovely colour that I find universally flattering. 
 Navy is a fantastic alternative to black for those who find black too dark for their liking. Navy is that colour that when paired with white is a classic number one winning combination. I have never seen any of my clients ever not look fabulous in navy and white. Just as an aside, navy is best not worn with black. It is too similar to provide any contrasting or complimenting. Navy deserves to shine in its own right! 
Another universal colour is a beautiful Sky Blue. When you witness this colour in the photo below  you’ll get the idea of why this is potentially universal. It is so soft and light. It is a great alternative to white. For the slight blue hue takes away that starkness whilst still providing a beautiful contrast to darker shade. I love it! 
Aqua/turquoise is a gorgeous colour. Check it out in the video. You’ll fall in love with it.
Let’s introduce a crystal-clear Meadow Green is one of my personal favourites. Don’t be put off because it is green and so many of my clients will say they don’t suit green. But I would challenge this Lovelies. Give it a chance. You might be surprised! 
 Just before you ask, what about some warmer colours? Then I’ve got you covered here!
 Dusty Pink is this most flattering option. See photo below. It isn’t pink-pink. It is soft, almost a neutral, but the pink hue makes it perfect!
Believe it or not but a reddish Maroon/Plum colour. A great choice if red-red just feels too much for you!
If we go to popular staple colours then Charcoal is one. I personally prefer black over charcoal because it's clearer and more versatile. But if black is just too dark for you, then Charcoal can be your go-to. Unfortunately we had no charcoal on hand to show you:-(
 Finally, we can’t have a conversation about colour and not bring into the picture, Black. It is the new/ old and now staple colour. It's essential though to not overuse black.  Jazz it up with pops of colour. Colourful scarves work wonders to bring a black outfit to life! 
 Remember, the colours you choose to wear should resonate with you. Try some new tones and shades of the colours highlighted here, it may open the door to colours that suit and bring out the beautiful essence of you.
Thank you for reading my blog post about colours, and I hope you found it informative and enjoyable!

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to me, please feel free to send me a direct message to:
 Audrey xxx
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